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(Vacancy) Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa (S DSS) is a registered Non-Government organization based in Bagdol, Lalitpur district. SDSS has aims to make positive changes in the life of children and people with disabilities, people suffering form specific health difficulties.  SDSS has a focus on disability and bringing new life to those whom the world sees as useless. SDSS provides patient navigation service to specific health need people from remote areas of Nepal.

SDSS also supports for the economic rehabilitation and Physio-therapeutic service to people with disabilities, create opportunities for out of school children with disability (CWDs) to access to quality education. Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa is now inviting suitable candidates to apply for the following opportunity;

1) Vacancy Position: Physiotherapist

Location: SDSS, Bagdol, Lalitpur
Job nature: Part Time (1:30PM- 5:00PM)
Reports to: Health Care Office
Purpose: Responsible for ongoing rehabilitative therapy of children  and adults with disabilities over an extended time period.

Competencies and Responsibilities: 

  • Bachelor’s in physiotherapy with certified license,
  • Two years’ experience working with children and adults with disabilities in any health institution of Nepal.
  • Ability to work with patients and their caregivers to identify and treat their physical problems,
  • Develop and review treatment programs that encourage exercise and movement by the use of a range of techniques,
  • Write patient case notes and reports, collect statistics and prepare rehabilitation plan of SDSS stay patients,
  • Educate Patients about how to prevent and improve conditions,
  • Keep up to date with new techniques and technologies available for treating patients,
  • Liaise with other healthcare professionals and local sponsor to exchange information about the background and progress of patients, as well as to refer patients who require other medical attention,
  • Be legally responsible and accountable,
  • Be caring, Compassionate and professional at all the times, showing God’s love to patients.

2. Vacancy Position: Health Care Officer

Location: SDSS, Bagdol, Lalitpur
Job nature: Full time contract basis
Reports to: Program Coordinator
Purpose: Support to Program Coordinator for patient navigation project in coordination with relevant department for smooth implementation of patient navigation work.

Competencies and Responsibilities:

  •  Experience working Bachelor in Public Health, Care Managementm Bachelor in Nursing or relevant field, preference giving to Health Assistant /Staff Nurse background,
  • At least two years’ experience of working in relevant field in development sector,
  • Good counselling skills for children and adults with disabilities,
  • Abilities to work with patients and their caregivers to identify and treat their health problems,
  • Provide technical guidance consultation to beneficiaries, prepare event, monthly, quarterly and annual reports and share within timeline and staffs,
  • 100% patients associated with SDSS receive proper referral, care and treatment from the relevant health institution.
  • Literal financial management skills,
  • Data management skill.

3. Vacancy Position: Project Officer

Location: SDSS, Bagdol, Lalitpur
Job nature: Full time contract basis
Reports to: Program Coordinator
Purpose: The Position would be focused in carrying out Prerana Education Partnership Project smoothly and meeting with sponsorship requirements. This Position is focal person to deal with local government, school, children, families and community who are part of Prerana Education Partnership project.

Competencies and Responsibilities:

  •  Experience working Bachelor in Education/Social Science and relevant field.
  • At least two years’ experience of working NGOs for children with needs.
  • Plan and take necessary action for those beneficiaries who need special/extra supports.
  • Organize regular orientations/training to beneficiaries and parents.
  • Monthly visit to school for fees clearance, interaction with teachers, update progress and identify the gap/needs of students for quality learning.
  • Support children and parents who are in need pastoral care as well as mentoring support for non-formal education.
  • Facilitate and support patients and their caregiver in education and in literacy class.
  • Ability of writing and speaking English.

Please apply in this advertisement with uploaded resume at
Priority will be given to social inclusion group. Only Shortlisted candidates would be called for an interview.

Salary will not be a constraint for deserving candidates.

The Closing date for the application is 20 March 2020.



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